Barbara Guzina

Barbara Guzina graduated from Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana and obtained Master's degree in entrepreneurship from the same faculty. She has a licence to practice as a tax advisor. At the beginning of her career, she was the owner and manager of an accounting service company and later became a tax advisor at the company BDO consulting d.o.o. She was also the head of PwC's direct tax department in Slovenia, as well as a tax advisor for transfer pricing at the company Deloitte Netherlands and a consultant in the international tax department at the company Deloitte Portugal. After returning to Slovenia, she was the head of the direct tax department at Deloitte Consulting Ltd. for several years, and for the last four years she was the director of the tax and legal department at the same company. Since 2012 is a partner at Guzina Kavšek consulting d.o.o.

Barbara Guzina is a court-appointed expert in the field of taxes in Slovenia. She was appointed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to become one of four Slovenian arbitrators for transfer prices in the European Union in 2013. She is a lecturer and the author of many tax articles and manuals.