Boštjan Špetič is the co-founder and director of Zemanta and one of the first Slovenian startup entrepreneurs to acquire venture capital abroad. In 2017, Zemanto, which develops technologies for “native” advertising, will take over the American company Outbrain, which is developing the world’s largest platform for recommending quality content. He is currently pursuing his entrepreneurial and management career at Outbrain as a strategic business development consultant.

He has a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of product development, sales, marketing, staffing and financial modeling. As an enthusiast of the latest technologies, he works as a consultant, active startup mentor and business angel.

Boštjan is also part of the team of the Računalniški muzej (Computer museum), whose mission is to maintain computer and technological heritage and educate the general public about the history of computer science.

Among other things, Boštjan is also the co-founder of the Slovenian angel fund Silicon Gardens Fund.