Petr Šima

Petr Šíma, Managing partner, co-founder DEPO Ventures As an EBAN board member, Petr is responsible for angel investors community building. He drives the cross-border investments initiatives and angel investors syndication. Petr is a board observer in Kareer Cloud. He helps portfolio companies with fundraising and business development. Petr also founded NSG MORISON, a renowned consultancy company in 1993. He spent 20+ years as M&A and Corporate consultant. As a student at UEBP, he co-founded an investment privatisation fund.

Michal Ciffra

Michal Ciffra Managing partner, co-founder DEPO Ventures Michal leads portfolio management and drives DEPO VCS strategy. He is a board member in SmartGuide and Pulselive Inc. and a board observer in Tatum AG. He is focusing on fintech/blockchain, deep-tech and travel-tech.Michal is a former M&A consultant at NSG Morison. He holds degrees in Corporate Finance and Business Administration from University of Economics and Business Prague (UEBP).